For translators

We are a translator-friendly company. Letterman partners have been active translators for years and, as such, have acquired comprehensive knowledge about the pitfalls of this fascinating profession. When you apply to work with us, your language skills themselves will not be enough to convince us. We appreciate such qualities as enthusiasm and reliability, inquisitiveness and general erudition. Last, but not least, we welcome some sense of humour, as we believe work should also be fun! As an employer, we offer fair market rates, ensure our people comfortable working conditions and are always eager to help in problem solving. However, there is a fly in the ointment – it is not easy to join our team, which is mainly composed of regular collaborators and highly skilled professionals. We only recruit the best of the best and battle-test them. Candidates do not have to complete any sample or test translations. In due time they simply receive a real job to complete, which is then meticulously verified and reviewed prior to its return to the client. Those who pass the test are sure to enjoy years of fruitful cooperation with us. Good luck!