In over 20 years of operation, we have delivered translations in a full range of disciplines. Importantly, we have participated in a number of translation projects delivered to global, EU and national institutions during the political, economic and social transformation of the 1990s. Our output to date includes over 500,000 (sic!) pages of translation for EU bodies, international institutions, Polish ministries, state agencies and local government authorities. From the very beginning, we have been involved in major translation projects linked to Poland's pre-accession effort. Since 2004, Letterman has been listed among the official translation providers for EU institutions under new or renewed contracts.

Major projects (on-going or completed):

Since 2006

  • European Court of Justice: translation of ECJ case law from French (12,000 pages to date)

Since 2003

  • European Commission: translation of EU legislation and other documents from English, French, German, Italian, etc. (approx. 10,000 pages to date)


  • European Parliament: translation of EP verbatim reports under contract PL/2009/CRE/MAIN (over 40,000 pages)


  • Office of the Committee for European Integration: several translation contracts into English covering, among others, European Court of Justice case law and Community legislation (over 30,000 pages)

Since 2005

  • Natolin European Centre: translation of NEC publications from English and French into Polish and vice versa (1,500 pages)


  • Ministry of Regional Development: translation and revision of texts from and into English and French (3,000 pages)


  • Ministry of the Economy: translation and revision of texts from and into French and English (5,000 pages)

Since 2000

  • International Cultural Centre in Kraków: translation, regular cooperation


  • The Voivodeship Office in Kraków: translation and interpretation under programmes for reducing fine-particle emissions and improving energy use (US Department of Energy), air quality monitoring (US EPA), introducing state-of-the-art technologies to prevent ozone layer depletion, modernisation and optimisation of the district heating system, and improving flood prevention

National Fund for Environmental Protection: translation of Environmental Law of the European Community from English (9 volumes, 3,000 pages)