Quality assurance

When providing translation and interpreting services, quality is of crucial importance. Quality assurance depends on the right choice of staff, the quality supervision system applied, and lessons learned from previous jobs. In order to achieve this we employ staff responsible for quality issues, and directly involve company management in quality control.

Letterman specialises in delivering large translation projects, which require team work and cohesion of terminology. Each such project is assigned a coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of texts and translations, compilation and forwarding of reference materials (in-house guidelines, glossaries, terminology databases, translation memories, etc.), and day-to-day communication with the client. We also appoint a person responsible for the on-going supervision of overall contract quality.

For major projects, our company makes use of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, such as TRADOS. In order to ensure consistent terminology, apart from in-house guidelines and client reference materials, the company provides translators with appropriate translation memories and terminology databases.

Regardless of the different formal, technical and organisational issues at stake, we firmly believe that the key aspect of quality assurance is the human factor, i.e. a highly reliable team of translators and interpreters, such as ours.