We couldn't resist the temptation
to set up this page, which is addressed to our friends and those willing to befriend us.
It shows just a few bits and pieces about us after hours.

The first Tertil law:
A job postponed once will later keep postponing itself!

this time at a children’s university

Roman in his favourite role as a lecturer
this time at a children’s university

Can you stand your boss after hours? Małgosia and Basia on an expedition towards the mountains and music – Salzburg. Earlier: Kasia, Małgosia and Basia exploring romantic Vienna.

2010: Letterman’s strong team at a conference on the 15th anniversary of the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union in Luxembourg and at the European Parliament in Brussels. We discover some other interesting spots as well – it’s always nice to combine business with pleasure!

Our Kasia sings but where can she be heard?
Małgosia (the boss) is dancing! Kachol

While Jacek is tending his own garden...