Letterman Sp. z o.o. Agencja Tłumaczy Zawodowych (Letterman Translators & Interpreters Ltd), based in Kraków, Poland, was established in 1991 as one of the two first privately-owned translation agencies in the city. Initially, it operated as a civil-law partnership to be reincorporated as a limited liability company in 1992.

Letterman is owned by:
Jacek Pleśniarowicz, German language translator and interpreter (President of the Board) Małgorzata Walczak, English language translator (Vice-President of the Board) Roman Tertil, English language translator and interpreter (Vice-President of the Board).

Our greatest asset is our team of over 200 collaborating professionals, including approx. 100 English, French and German translators and interpreters. Our offer covers nearly all European languages.

Our philosophy is founded on long-term cooperation with translators and interpreters. Most of our people have worked with us for over ten years or even from the very beginning. The close-knit and experienced team, with new forces recruited if required, is what distinguishes us from other translation agencies. Our offer covers all types of translation or interpreting from and into European languages. We specialise in delivering long-term projects that require excellent team work and assured consistency. Our "workload capacity" under individual English, French and German contracts has reached several thousand pages a month, with no impairment to on-going work.